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There is the Unified national system of certification and standardization (UkrSEPRO) In Ukraine. UkrSEPRO was created to test the quality of products and services in compliance with Ukrainian standards (DSTU, TS, GOST, etc.)

In our country the certification body is a system of institutions of UkrSEPRO. Goods certified in UkrSEPRO can be legally imported into the territory of Ukraine.

The MBM company offers a comprehensive approach during the certification procedure for UkrSEPRO.

Certification plays an important role in the importation of products into the country, as it is obligatory in the process of customs clearance of documents. In the absence of certification, the product can be stopped at customs until filing the required document.

Issuance of certificates UkrSEPRO first involves the study of specialized staff UkrSEPRO technical documentation of products or services on compliance (DSTU, GOST, TS), it is possible to visit the production and implementation of audit activities, and laboratory testing of products that claimed for UkrSEPRO.

Service for certification of products includes:

  1. providing consultation on the requirements as to information, documents and procedures for obtaining a certificate of conformity;
  2. support  of products examination;
  3. preparation of necessary documents for conformity certificate registration due to UkrSEPRO system;
  4. obtaining an Announcement Certificate.

Minimum package of documents required for certification:

  • Application as the required form.
  • Contract specification.
  • Technical specifications for manufactured products.
  • Shipping documents (invoice, bill, invoice-proforma, etc.).
  • Product description (specifications, scope, appearance).
  • Document certifying the quality of production (the certificate, the declaration of the manufacturer.)
  • Quarantine, veterinary certificates and sanitary-epidemiological conclusion (if necessary).
  • Test reports of products.
  • Acts of factory inspection.
  • Samples of products.

Upon completion of the certification process you receive a Certificate of conformity due form.

Certificate is a document certifying that the products are high quality and complies with the standards in Ukraine (DSTU, GOST, TS, etc.).

Certificate of Conformity is an indicator of quality, especially for the consumer.

Nowadays UkrSEPRO is a system of quality certification in Ukraine. UkrSEPRO certificates are an alternative to international certificate ISO 9000. Certification of products and services in UkrSEPRO is the most important direction for Ukrainian business.

To determinate a detailed list of documents required for certification in particular case, contact ourspecialists.
Employees of our company also advise you on the list of goods that are not subject to obligatory certification, and, if it is necessary, they will help you to obtain a resolution on the goods that are not subject to obligatory certification.