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Searching for Suppliers

The MBM Company provides its clients with comprehensive solutions in the field of foreign trade (searching for suppliers, products and services), namely the importation of goods into the territory of Ukraine from the CIS countries, China, the U.S.A. and Europe as an foreign trade agent.

The process of buying goods and services in the world market is a complex mechanism with a lot of costs connected with unscrupulous suppliers (non-fulfillment of conditions of supply, poor quality of products, failure to fill orders with the requirements specified in the form, etc.).

Our successful experience in the field of protection of the interests of participants of foreign trade, as well as long-term work allows us to solve the tasks, which our clients face, efficiently. They are:

  1. Searching for the necessary goods abroad, in the price range specified by the client;
  2. Selection of scrupulous suppliers in the territories of foreign countries;
  3. Ensuring the quality control of delivered (imported) goods;
  4. Maintenance of external economic activity of enterprises, according to the legal aspects of international and Ukrainian legislation;
  5. Providing logistics services of the transportation and delivery of goods to the place of destination;
  6. Making the necessary permits for the importation of goods into the territory of Ukraine, realization of certification of goods;
  7. Realization of customs clearance of imported goods.

In order to prevent negative financial consequences, the MBM Company assesses the potential of the supplier’s enterprise, based on the following methods:

  1. Assessment of the overall performance of the supplier’s enterprise (quantitative indicators of activity, scale of the operations, etc.);
  2. Assessment of technological aspects of the activity of the supplier’s enterprise (the level of conformity of production to the technical and other standards, the level of facilities and equipment of the supplier’s enterprise, production capacity of the supplier’s enterprise);
  3. Evaluation of organizational aspects of the supplier’s enterprise (the level of formation of administrative and management activity of the supplier’s company, the scheme of the manufacturing processes, the level of organization of external economic activity);
  4. Assessment of business reputation of the supplier’s enterprise (the integrity and thoroughness of the duties of the company, experience in this business, the number of successful transactions at the international level);
    5. Evaluation of past experience;
  5. Assessment of economic aspects of the supplier’s enterprise (checking the company’s solvency, reliability of product and material resources, financial results, availability of debts on loans and settlements with suppliers, the financial and credit history of the company);
  6. Evaluation of legal aspects of the supplier’s enterprise (the rules and regulations that apply in the particular state referring to the cooperation with potential partners in order to minimize legal risks and consequences);
  7. Final evaluation of the “riskness” of a deal.

Having contacted us, a client is sure that goods arrive fully and in time, meeting all the quality standards.